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The parrots

For this painting i was free to decide what to draw. The purpose was to integrate the characters into the context of the living room so basically i create an interactive connection between the painting and the room. As i said in my description, i like to represent funny scenes so if you check out this gallery you will find out what the painting is about. Year: 2021...

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The penguins and the bear

This painting was made on the window. The owner of the bar wanted this painting to last just for Christmas time. The request was to create something sweet and different from the usual Santa and Rudolf. I have painted this scene with acrylic colors, adding a special protecting layer at the end. Year: 2018...

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La Capannetta

This painting is different from an usual one because the request was to draw the client’s house inside his house. It was very challenging to get the right dimension and perspective of the house painted on a big wall. At the end was so satisfying to see the single parts becoming one scene. Year: 2018...

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