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Pamic art / Patrizia Pamić

HI !

My name is Patrizia, i was born and grew up in Italy. I have traveled a lot but my origin led to Croatia where i have started a new life and got the inspiration to evolve in all my creative works, (this is why most of the projects are in croatian language).

The source of my creativity

When i draw the secret of my concentration is the music which gives me the right vibe to do my job. I love to smile so i try to catch a happy mood in my drawings. The best part is when i show the artwork to the client and he has a big smile on his face, right then i know he got what he wanted.

Why an art sailor?

Have you ever thought ART is like the sea? A mystery world where there are so many creatures, wonders, adventures we have never seen or experienced.

There are people who just stay on the shore, maybe at sunset admiring how beautiful it is. The people like me want more, want to discover, analyse and be surprised about something that’s beyond. But for doing this you might have some tools; a big ship to sail and the knowledge to reach somewhere beyond the reality.

All started when I was little, i always knew something big was in me.. creativity (the ship). When I grew up I studied in high school of Art, later than that i’ve graduated in industrial design university and did some work experiences and that’s how I’m prepared to sail.

Now, since I’ve the tools I’ll try to go further and further because…