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Do you ever feel like losing some key moments of your life? We are so focus on all the tasks of the day that we are always rushing somewhere. I want to stop just for a while and appreciate special moments that happens to us not so often. This is why i came up with “Momenti” a concept that put together illustrations and mini art pieces handmade that highlight the beautiful picture you wanted to remember.

Each sign is illustrated with is own cloud situation. The subjects are so different from each other nonetheless they have in common the same style. To enrich the frame i put the description and some stars which compose the constellation of the sign. Which sign…

In this design i took care of every single detail, the baby is carried by this cute stork and every data are illustrated.

I got this 3d effect putting every data of the new arrival as handmade art pieces. I took care about every little detail especially for the name who display this glittery effect.