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How to order

Caricature is the funniest way to catch yourself and your passions in a single drawing. This type of drawing it’s not just a caricature, it’s like an illustration where more details are involved.

“How to cartoonize yourself”? Check out the following steps:

  1. DESCRIBE what do you want me to draw.
  2. SEND pictures/video of you or the person in question via e-mail or social media. The more pictures i receive the more i can catch face and body’s details. Also you can describe what situation you want me to draw.
  3. I draw the first SKETCH using a pencil and i show you the draft. You can either agree or send me some notes if you want some changes on the drawing.
  4. I PROCESS the caricature by computer using illustrator and photoshop, so the hand drawing becomes digital. At this moment the only changes i can do are the colors.

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