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Barba Zvane

This character actually came out occasionally. At the company where i work, me and my employer create a calendar for the year 2021 to sell to our clients. At this moment we came out with a character who has a different situation every month. She came up most of the time with funny sayings and i just drew down our character.

From that moment it became the mascot of the company and the lead of gadgets we usually sell, like mugs, t-shirts, bottle openers, magnets, mouse pads and more.

Zvane is well-known local Istrian influencer and he’s more than happy to promote Istrian traditions and various interesting facts so that everyone sees how nice it is to live in Istria, Croatia. This character is very funny and he has so much to tell through the drawings.

Check out the hilarious illustrations in the gallery or you can take a look on facebook and instagram profile: Barba Zvane.

Year: 2020