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Znatiželjko & Zatvorinka

If you are someone like Znatiželjko then you are like this type: wants to explore everything, you are so fascinated
about the wonder of the world that no matter what you have to discover what is hidden behind your eyes.
Sometimes though the things you wonder doesn’t reveal to you as expected and you have to follow the flow of the events.

This is what happened to the little gold fish when he ran into Zatvorinka, shy and reserved shell. When Znatiželjko saw this “thing” lying on the bottom of the sea he was surrounded by so many questions:
what is this purple thing? Is it alive? Why is making all these bubbles…?
He was so curious that he wanted to find out what it was inside this tough shell so he forced to open it with no result.
Day by day he tried some new ways but none of the efforts works out for him unless he changed method. in fact so many ideas comes to his mind to let the shell open so he sang, told stories, even performed some juggling to amuse her. One night he was so tired that he fell asleep near to her meanwhile Zatvorinka finally opened, she realized that the gold fish was chilling so she put something over his body. Znatiželjko woke up and noticed something happened, when he looked at Zatvorinka he finally saw what this shell was hiding something special. With a big smile on his face he knew from that moment was the start of a beautiful friendship.

As can you see this story try to teach a lesson that sometimes we need patience and understanding to let the other trust us especially if we are so different from each other. Also that in certain case we have to think outside the box.

Year: 2022